Payment Method

We accept paypal and credit card(Master Card, Visa) And we will ship your order within 48 hours after payment is confirmed.
If your card is turn down or you can not get through your order, please contact our customer service to help:

Here is one quick way to go through your order:
1. Choose the hair you want and email us all the details about your order, such as the hair type, the length, the pack you want, and price, and your details of your address to our customer service email:
2. Any questions, just feel free to contact us! Always waiting for u.

Contact Us:

How to make payment by credit card via Paypal

1) Enter Contact Information, and then click ''continue to shipping

payment method

1) Enter Shipping Information, and then click ''continue to payment''

payment method

1) Enter Billing Address, and then click ''Complete order'', you will be redirected to Paypal

payment method

1) Enter Paypal Account or choose Credit card to complete the payment'', your order will be shipped withith 48 hours after payment is confirmed.

payment method

$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds
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