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Why Steve Harvey Love Wigs?

by Hair Sulmy 11 Mar 2024

Steve Harvey is a popular American comedian, television host, and author. He is known for his unique bald image and humorous comedy style. Despite shaving his head in public in 2008 to dispel rumors about him wearing wigs, his love for wigs has always been a topic of interest. So, why does Steve Harvey like to wear wigs? Here are a few possible reasons:

Personal style: Steve Harvey is a public figure, and his image needs to be consistent and professional. Wearing wigs may be part of his personal style, helping him maintain a consistent image in public. In addition, wigs may help him hide any hair issues he may not want to make public.

Comedy effect: Harvey is a comedian, and his humor and unique image are important parts of his performances. Wearing wigs may be one of his comedic techniques, allowing him to create a unique image and attract the audience's attention.

Stereotypes of Asian men: In some comments, Steve Harvey's jokes about Asian men have been criticized as perpetuating stereotypes. This may mean that wearing wigs is a strategy for him to create an image different from Asian men, thus attracting the audience's attention.

Redefined image of black people: Harvey's bald image and wig-wearing behavior may be his way of redefining the image of black people. In this way, he can challenge traditional black images and create a new, unique black image.

In summary, Steve Harvey's love for wearing wigs may be due to various reasons, including personal style, comedy effect, stereotypes of Asian men, and redefined images of black people. Whatever the reason, Harvey's bald image and wig-wearing behavior have become part of his unique style and an important part of his comedic performances.

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